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Madhur Bhandarkar is known for revealing the stark truths of various facets of the Indian society. And this definitely doesn’t change with Fashion as well. A well told story of a small town girl with big aspirations, who loses herself to the devouring fashion industry only to re discover herself at the end of it all. Your routine run of the mill story? Not quite. Madhur has picked up important events in India’s fashion industry (wardrobe malfunction, the demented model found in the markets etc.) and shown what all models go through. The identities of various designers, how the industry REALLY works and how a fashion career is to be perceived are very well told. The music is awesome, and the ramp scenes are truly genius.

The downside? the movie is too long, could be cut short by half an hour at least. Priyanka Chopra doesn’t always look as glamorous as she should, but Kangana Ranaut justifies her role completely and pulls of a good show. All in all, definitely not to miss, what with the lean bollywood season going on, fashion is definitely a’show stopper’

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Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Review


Resident Evil: Retribution – If you like R-rated science fiction movies with lots of action, battles of warships and planes and rescue attempts, “legions of flesh eating undead” against live humans, computer generated weapons, unstoppable virus outbreaks attacking the U.S and the world, and tough attractive women and men, then this movie is a must see. It’s entertaining, griping, and your teeth will be clenched together the entire movie, and I mean from beginning to end. It’s a movie about good faces the undead. Resident Evil: Retribution bolts out of the screen right away with a horrific battle scene from ship to air and back. The battle has been in progress and then something weird happens. Humans thought this was over, that they were safe, turns out not to be true. Then the scene shifts to a quiet little community where a family is waking up getting ready to start their day. The mom and dad use sign language to talk to their young daughter, and she signs back. It’s just another nice, normal day in the neighborhood. All of a sudden their day turns to one of horror.

Now, I can’t tell you the whole story, you need to see it for yourself. But I can tell you that this is where the Resident Evil: Retribution begins. Let’s see, retribution means revenge or reckoning. And believe me there’s plenty of that from here on out. And evil, for this movie I would use malicious, vile, and disgusting. So the title, Resident Evil: Retribution should begin to give you a clue. All of this excitement is centered on the Umbrella Central Control that is involved in a biological arms race called the T-Virus, against the nations. They control the undead. There’s been a breach of their security system, and the rest of the battle is controlled by a computer, that has a name and a face, and knows where everybody is all of the time. I’ll let you guess where this Umbrella Central Control is located. The suspense begins for good over undead. And, you’ll never guess where this all ends up. A scene that is very scary and leads you to wonder, is it over? Has good won against the undead? Can everyone go back to their normal happy life? I’ll never tell you. But I will say the end is just a griping as the beginning.

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